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Why Eaton Arrowsmith is Leading the Way in Private Education

CORI_Middle_School_ReadingPrivate education around the world has a unique appeal both to parents and kids that enroll in this type of academic institution. Some provide luxury education for their students, while international schools offer a familiar environment for sons and daughters of expatriates, and there are other schools who offer something unique to their enrollees.

However, there is one Canada-based school paving the way for private schools not just in the country but all over the world. Eaton Arrowsmith has campuses in Vancouver and White Rock and they dubbed their approach as, Brain School.

This private school has dedicated itself to allowing children with learning disabilities get quality education through their approach. They do this by strengthening the brains of their students using unique exercises that target the cognitive weakness they have which causes their difficulty in learning.

Neuroplasticity is the science behind the method used in Eaton Arrowsmith. All their learning exercises train specific areas of the brain to allow it to become stronger. This is different from the traditional approach that most schools employ.

Some schools would take a student who has writing difficulties and help them by giving them more time during tests to write their answers or make them use a keyboard during exams. It allows them to work around their difficulty but it doesn’t teach them to target the root cause of their disability.

Since, the foundation of the school 35 years ago, their graduates have moved on to education institutions outside Eaton Arrowsmith to excel with their improved learning ability. Many of them have become achievers in their own right and are now living their dreams.

The success of the Eaton Arrowsmith programs can be attributed to the brain research they’ve done and continue to do for over three decades. The scientific approach they’ve taken to overcoming learning disabilities have helped hundreds of families see their kids grow up to live successful lives.FBE_CTU_lecture

Many of their struggling students in the past have gone to college and post-college universities because they’ve successfully overcome their cognitive weakness/es. It gave them the confidence to excel in their studies and now their work.

The program elements are all based on scientific studies, articles, and practices revolving around the principles of neuroplasticity that work in education. Every detail of the program is backed up by science, from the exercises, teaching approach, even to the classroom sizes.

All aspects of the school have been well-researched by the teachers, staff, and founders of Eaton Arrowsmith to provide the best learning environment for students with learning disabilities. They have also received a lot of success stories and media coverage because of it.

This school has also ventured into teaching adults with learning disabilities they’ve carried throughout their life or just developed as they got older. The Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre takes the same principle of improving cognitive weaknesses and applying them to the social aspect of being an adult.

They use many different resources for their students to allow them to be the best person they can be by helping them overcome their learning disability. Families can also avail of their resources to make the transition easier for both family and student. Eaton Arrowsmith has got the solution for any student to get the quality education they deserve.

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