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The 5 Best Survey Sites for Teenagers

As more and more teens are browsing the internet, it is time they get a fair opportunity to earn money online. As the online rewards industry is growing each day, an increasing number of members are being paid for their contribution.

Some teens may find it difficult to get jobs. For people who are under the age of 18 years, opportunities are quite limited when it comes to making money. And who really wants to deny the opportunity of making money, especially when it can be done in front of their computer screen.

make money survey

Earlier people had to be above the age of 18 years to access survey sites, but now this rule has been changed. This opens up a whole host of opportunities to teenagers who are willing to make money. If you are 13 years older, you can have a shot at earning some extra amount of cash.

If you do not know where to start, we are going to present 5 of the best survey sites for teenagers in this blog.

Global Test Market

It is one of the recognized and popular websites in the online rewards industry. They have their own website and a branch specially dedicated to sending out surveys to other websites. This website is particularly liked because of the surveys are quite easy to finish along with low qualification rates. People usually do not get disqualified when doing the surveys. Anybody above the age of 14 years can use this website. Teens looking for some pocket can make the most of this website.

Ipsos I Say

This one is a great survey website for teenagers who want to earn rewards by completing surveys. Rewards are in the form of MasterCard, Visa, and Amazon Gift Card. Anybody who has crossed 14 years of age can sign up and use this website for good. The website is regularly updated by the developers. The best thing about this site is that the surveys can usually be completed in a period of 5 to 15 minutes.


This popular site is widely known to teenagers. Anybody above 13 years could make some money here by completing several kinds of tasks. The website is quite simple and it offers numerous opportunities to teenagers, with a minimum payout each day.


YouGov can be seen as quite a nice website for surveys. Teenagers above 14 years are free to join the survey panel. This UK based survey sit is known to pay in cheques after the survey is completed. Survey invitations are sent through emails on a regular basis.

Insta GC

Yet another survey website would be Insta GC which allows people above 14 years of age to take part in different activities, like tasks, watching videos, and surveys. The rewards catalogue is huge, and people love it about this website.

There are several more websites in the market that are in the reach of teenagers. The success of these survey websites prove that their influence will only be increasing in the near future.

Why Eaton Arrowsmith is Leading the Way in Private Education

CORI_Middle_School_ReadingPrivate education around the world has a unique appeal both to parents and kids that enroll in this type of academic institution. Some provide luxury education for their students, while international schools offer a familiar environment for sons and daughters of expatriates, and there are other schools who offer something unique to their enrollees.

However, there is one Canada-based school paving the way for private schools not just in the country but all over the world. Eaton Arrowsmith has campuses in Vancouver and White Rock and they dubbed their approach as, Brain School.

This private school has dedicated itself to allowing children with learning disabilities get quality education through their approach. They do this by strengthening the brains of their students using unique exercises that target the cognitive weakness they have which causes their difficulty in learning.

Neuroplasticity is the science behind the method used in Eaton Arrowsmith. All their learning exercises train specific areas of the brain to allow it to become stronger. This is different from the traditional approach that most schools employ.

Some schools would take a student who has writing difficulties and help them by giving them more time during tests to write their answers or make them use a keyboard during exams. It allows them to work around their difficulty but it doesn’t teach them to target the root cause of their disability.

Since, the foundation of the school 35 years ago, their graduates have moved on to education institutions outside Eaton Arrowsmith to excel with their improved learning ability. Many of them have become achievers in their own right and are now living their dreams.

The success of the Eaton Arrowsmith programs can be attributed to the brain research they’ve done and continue to do for over three decades. The scientific approach they’ve taken to overcoming learning disabilities have helped hundreds of families see their kids grow up to live successful lives.FBE_CTU_lecture

Many of their struggling students in the past have gone to college and post-college universities because they’ve successfully overcome their cognitive weakness/es. It gave them the confidence to excel in their studies and now their work.

The program elements are all based on scientific studies, articles, and practices revolving around the principles of neuroplasticity that work in education. Every detail of the program is backed up by science, from the exercises, teaching approach, even to the classroom sizes.

All aspects of the school have been well-researched by the teachers, staff, and founders of Eaton Arrowsmith to provide the best learning environment for students with learning disabilities. They have also received a lot of success stories and media coverage because of it.

This school has also ventured into teaching adults with learning disabilities they’ve carried throughout their life or just developed as they got older. The Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre takes the same principle of improving cognitive weaknesses and applying them to the social aspect of being an adult.

They use many different resources for their students to allow them to be the best person they can be by helping them overcome their learning disability. Families can also avail of their resources to make the transition easier for both family and student. Eaton Arrowsmith has got the solution for any student to get the quality education they deserve.

High School Education, Areas It Should Be Improved On

High school is like a passage one has to go through to get to the light. However to ensure that there are not as many obstacles to make the road as difficult and make it enjoyable, there are some measures that have been put in place. Sadly many teenagers around the world do not like high school. With complaints of what should be changed, here are some areas that if changes will significantly improve quality of high school education.

Standardization of everything

One of the biggest changes high schools should make is standardization of everything. With students coming from diverse backgrounds and having different life experiences, doing this ensures that only what is practical is displayed. In this case banning of home clothing by taking up uniforms, standardization of classrooms and even cafeteria food should be done. This way students are basically on the same level in school.

Extra curriculum activities

The reality of the ground is that there is usually a limited number of choices available when it comes to extra curriculum activities. In this case when standardization method is used in the school, boredom is also manifested and can be easily seen as many teenagers drop out. To avoid this extra curriculum activities that are considered fun should be incorporated in the syllabus, ensuring that it’s not all work with no play.

Stop overworking of teacher’s

Teachers often are under pressure to perform in a certain way and get the best results among varied students. Although this is usually already hard, they are often underpaid and overworked as there’s a syllabus in question they have to complete. In this regard by taking the wide range in syllabus should be reduced and performance judged per class taught instead of getting an overall average. This way the teachers will be more willing to give quality education over quantity.

Free times

One of the biggest complaints by high school students is the fact that there is usually a lot of assignments to bring home after classes. With the fact High school education often brings out the spirit of the competition for each to strive to become the best, students often overwork and hate school bringing its quality down. By giving just enough work the students will always have a happy time learning as there is time to rest.

Equality among students

High school students are often in a very delicate stage of adolescence and with it comes insecurity. In this case to ensure that feelings of hopelessness, inferiority complex and incompetence are eliminated, socialization should be made on a grand scale. In this regard after every few months changing of lockers, classes reshuffling and even random building competitions among students should be carried out, eliminating social groups in the process.


Applicable subjects

There’s a reason as to why there are usually minors and majors in universities. In this regard the same principle should be used in high schools. With most subjects being taught are never used again, teaching of such in minor classes will make the students look forward to classes as the more practical ones are the ones dwelt on.

However even with some changes needed to make high school education generally beneficial to all, one has to agree that there are irreplaceable experiences one can learn and use. Independence and accountability being in the forefront, forging of lifelong friendships is a guarantee for many.

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